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The ultimate guide to print sales success

Sales success is a measurable, repeatable process and anyone that follows the process will excel. But to succeed you need to know the rules of the game and in print sales the rules are clearly defined. From prospecting to closing there are key skills and strategies that lead to success and costly pitfalls you must avoid.

The 105 most effective ways to Drive Print Sales shows you exactly what you need to do to supercharge your sales and earnings. You'll discover the key skills and strategies that the industry's top income earners are using to drive sales in today's competitive marketplace. Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn.

Ebner Seminars
Everyone you talk to is already dealing with a printer and the vast majority (80%) are happy with their supplier, so why should they take the risk and inconvenience of leaving their supplier and give you their printing business?

If you try to land the account by offering great quality, outstanding service and fast delivery you're wasting your time every printer offers the same. And you won't get much further by offering a low price. No matter how low your quote, there's always someone willing to print the same job for less.

Yet, you can easily and quickly increase your sales and earnings, but to do so you need to take a different approach to print sales. You need to change your value proposition and that's exactly what you'll learn to do in The 105 most effective ways to Drive Print Sales.

  • Why you must stop offering printing.
  • Discover exactly what decision makers are looking for.
  • How to use Universal Benefits to pique your prospect's interest.
  • Ready-to-use value propositions that differentiate your services and drive sales.

Ebner Seminars
The #1 skill that separates the printing industry's top income earners from the average salesperson is their uncanny ability to generate appointments with key decision makers in major accounts, and that's exactly what you'll discover in The 105 most effective ways to Drive Print Sales.

  • How many calls do you need to make to be successful in print sales?(This is not an arbitrary number)
  • How to identify those accounts that will bring the highest return.
  • Why you must not send emails, brochures or letters of introduction.
  • How to quickly position yourself as a valuable industry expert.
  • An easy to implement technique that prevents the keeper-of-the-gate from screening your call.
  • The most effective way to deal with voice mail.
  • How to prevent your prospects from saying, I'm not interested, I'm happy with my printer.
  • How to instantly pique the prospect's interest.

Ebner Seminars
The sale is made or lost in the presentation, so this skill is key to print sales success. But the presentation stage of the sale is fraught with dangerous pitfalls that can quickly cost you the sale. In The 105 most effective ways to Drive Print Sales you'll learn how to avoid common mistakes and discover easy to implement techniques that will make your presentation irresistible.

  • Why showing the prospect how to improve the job can cost you the sale.
  • Why you should never hand out your company brochure at the beginning of the meeting.
  • How to prevent the prospect from stealing your new ideas.
  • How to differentiate your presentation and encourage the prospect to leave his supplier.
  • How to prevent the stall and motivate your prospects to order now.
  • How to get your prospects to answer your questions and reveal their hidden concerns.
  • Why your fast, efficient service is costing you sales.

Ebner Seminars
From prospecting to closing objections are an intricate part of the sales process. You can control objections, but you cannot eliminate them, so your success is directly proportional to your ability to handle common objections. In The 105 most effective ways to Drive Print Sales you'll learn how to overcome the prospect's resistance and consistently turn objections into sales.

  • A simple technique that instantly tells you if the objection is true or false.
  • How to use objections to close the sale.
  • How to close the sale without overcoming to the prospect's objection.
  • The first thing you must do, before responding to an objection.
  • Why you only need to memorize the responses to 5 common objections.

Ebner Seminars
If you are losing jobs to lower quotes it's not because your price is too high, but rather because you are making some common quoting mistakes. In The 105 most effective ways to Drive Print Sales you'll learn how to eliminate price competition and consistently land the job even when yours is the highest quote.

  • An easy to implement technique that eliminates price competition.
  • Why you must never pause after mentioning the price.
  • How to sell the price shopper without writing a quote.
  • Why you must not include the prospect's specs on your quote.
  • How to make a higher price seem affordable and easy to accept.
  • Up-selling techniques that add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.
  • How to prevent your prospects from saying, I need to look at a few more quotes before I decide.
  • How to prevent your prospects from saying, I can get the same job elsewhere for less.

Ebner Seminars
Nothing you do will have a more immediate impact on your sales and income then making closing a habit, because irrespective of how great your presentation, if you do not close the sale you are unlikely to land the account. It is an undisputed fact that prospects do not order from the salesperson that sold them, they buy from the account executive that closes them. In The 105 most effective ways to Drive Print Sales you'll learn how to close the sale without asking the prospect to buy.

  • Why you must never ask for the order.
  • When is the best time to close? (It's not at the end of your presentation.)
  • How to test the water and predict how your prospect will respond to your closing questions.
  • Why you only need to memorize 3 closing questions.
  • Ready-to-use closing questions that make it easy for the prospect to order.
  • How to close the sale when the prospect can't make up his mind.
  • How to close the prospect the says, Let me think it over and I'll get back to you.
  • Ebner Seminars
    Not to minimize the importance of landing new accounts, but unless you take the time to nurture and service your existing clients you'll find yourself in a revolving door where accounts are leaving as fast as they arrive and that's a costly, ineffective way to grow your sales and earnings. In The 105 most effective ways to Drive Print Sales you'll discover simple strategies that keep your customer's coming back.

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